Tax Law

Have Our Former IRS Agent, CPA, or Tax Attorney Solve Your Tax Problem

Individuals and businesses in California that require tax and accounting advice should contact K&S Law Group to get an expert consultation to help them resolve their situation. Taxpayers should not feel powerless against the IRS or FTB because there are a variety of options for settling and negotiating with the tax authorities. . Our tax attorney’s can provide advice and guidance on a variety of matters, including but not limited to:

  • Tax Controversy and Litigation
  • Offers in Compromise and Payment Plans
  • IRS or Franchise Tax Board Penalty and Interest Abatement 
  • Defense of Wrongful IRS Levy or Property Seizure
  • Non-Profits Corporation Formation and Qualification
  • Employee Benefits and Compensations Planning
  • Corporate Reorganization
  • 1031 “like kind” Exchange Transactions
  • Tax Free Mergers and Acquisitions
  • IRS Administrative Appeals
  • Federal and Tax Litigation
  • IRS Audits and Appeals
  • State Sales and Use Taxes, Audits and Litigation
  • Business Tax Planning

These are just a handful of the many scenarios our tax attorneys can provide you with advice. Once you have consulted with us and we examine the facts, you can choose to retain us to work on your case. Be assured that our attorneys will work hard to protect your rights.

What may stop people from seeking help from a tax attorney in California is friends’ well-meaning advice. They may advise that it’s not necessary to use a tax attorney, and that attorneys are too expensive. The stress that comes with tax problems can be debilitating; it can affect a person while they are awake and keep them up at night. With a trusted tax lawyer on one’s side, tax problems can be examined and broken down into manageable steps. Our California tax law firm can help people burdened with personal and business tax issues, and provide defense against fraud or criminal charges.

Waiting for tax problems to go away is never a good solution. The IRS and state charge interest on unpaid taxes and they will continue to pursue individuals and corporations as the tax bill grows month by month with interest and penalties.

Now is the best time to call K&S Law Group to schedule a consultation with an experienced tax attorney. Call (800) 982-3880.