A Message from a California Tax Attorney & CPA

You won’t have to feel the fear that many people feel when they are facing an audit when you contact California tax law firm K&S Law Group at (800) 982-3880. Read on to discover how you can benefit from our tax audit defense experience.

There’s No One Reason that Triggers an IRS Audit

Simple math errors usually do not trigger an audit. The IRS likely has found something more unusual or objectionable; perhaps some deductions you are not entitled to or other patterns or issues with your return. It is our job to find out what the issue is and vigorously defend you during your audit.

The tax attorney’s in our California tax law offices, can help with extremely difficult tax issues that may begin with a letter from the IRS and end up with you owing thousands of dollars in taxes, interest, and penalties. The reason you should rely on our California tax lawyers who offer IRS audit defense services is that we can ensure your rights are protected. If you handle your case yourself, your emotional attachment might cause you to overlook some key facts that could help you pay much less in taxes.

Now is the best time to resolve your audit issues with the IRS. They won’t forget about it, and neither should you. The best way to deal with the IRS is head on, with an experienced California tax attorney by your side. Call us now at (800) 982-3880 to schedule your consultation.